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How To Contact Money Smart Radio or

Matthew Sapaula

Thank you for your interest in contacting us!

If you’d like to inquire about:

  • Discussing your personal financial situation in detail with a licensed professional in our network during a free 30 minute consultation
  • Asking your financial question or need tips on how to start/build your business on-air or via email
  • Being a guest on our financial talk radio show – Money Smart Radio
  • Promoting or advertising your book/product/service
  • Interviewing Matthew Sapaula for your radio/TV show
  • Joint venture or inquire about our interest in your project
  • Becoming a guest for your tele-seminar
  • Needing a guest speaker for your event

You are more than welcome to reach him via any of the methods outlined below.

Please know that if Matthew could be in all places at all times, he would personally love to speak with every individual in our community. However, with the sheer volume of emails and phone calls, we have had to implement various systems to help us be of better service to everyone.

We look forward to connecting real soon!


[email protected]

[Note all emails are screened by an assistant, in order that we can be informed of urgent matters]


708.686.2000 x8
Be prepared to leave a voicemail with your question or inquiry.  NOTE: Your financial or small business question for may be selected to be answered on-air!
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Please note, Matthew is often unable to personally reply to all Facebook email. Our team will alert him to any urgent and important matters emailed via Facebook email.

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Matthew Sapaula, Inc.
27 N. Wacker Ste 412

Chicago, IL 60606

Fax: 708.401.1501

If you want the best chance of getting through and not getting “buried” in our email box or voicemail…keep reading!

If you have a question about your personal financial situation or need guidance on how to start/build your business, email us the following to [email protected]


Give us initial details to show a “snap shot” of your situation

What is the biggest problem or “pain” you are experiencing right now?

What have you done to attempt fixing your own situation?

Are you happy with your results?

What other guidance or advice you have been given?

When you were expecting to have this problem resolved?

DISCLAIMER: Matthew Sapaula and Money Smart Radio are not registered investment advisers and cannot give specific advice on stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other securities.  These questions will be sent to a licensed financial professional in our network and it will be your decision to engage in an advisor-client relationship with them.  Any replies by Matthew Sapaula should be considered advice from a friend and does not constitute a professional engagement of services or counsel.  Please continue to review our legal policy and extended disclaimer here.

If you are requesting a guest appearance on Money Smart Radio, send an email to [email protected] with the following:



Why our listeners need to know about this

Suggested talking points

Your bio


We’ll be looking for your other media appearances and other details about you on your website.

If you need media coaching to get your segment tightened up, email r[email protected].  Don’t get your feelings hurt if you do not get an immediate response or get a “no”.  In the media world, “no” means “not now”!  Stay persistent!

If you are wanting to promote your book/product/service:

This is viewed as solicitation for advertising (one of the ways our radio show and blog is funded). We will review your offering to see if it fits into the context of our show and overall message.  If so, we will contact you for additional details and inform you of the costs associated to this advertisement. We will then include post it onto our site which also includes the creation of your “sponsored segment”.  This will involve your appearance on our financial talk radio show to discuss your book/product/service.

If you are producer from a radio or TV station and would like to bring Matthew Sapaula as a guest on your show:

  • Please call us immediately at 708.686.2000 x11 (we know you are time-crunched so this extension will find one of us ASAP)
  • Email us with subject line to: MEDIA REQUEST – [Name of Show and Station Here]
  • Include segment topic or theme and how you believe Matthew Sapaula can bring value to your show
  • Download Matthew Sapaula’s bio here
  • In needed, download Matthew Sapaula’s photo here
  • Lower Third/Chyron Info: Matthew Sapaula/Radio Talk Show Host/www.moneysmartradio.com
  • Alt Lower Third/Chyron:  Matthew Sapaula/Financial Strategist/www.matthewsapaula.com
  • We will help verify his availability immediately upon your call or email

If you would like Matthew Sapaula to be a guest on your tele-seminar, request his consideration for you joint venture/community project or speak at your event…please answer the following questions and email them to [email protected]:

Will Matthew be a speaker or panelist at your event or venue?

Will his involvement be promoted on a website, social media campaign, press release or other media?

Will he be speaking in a small group or large audience?

What is the profile of the typical attendee to this event or project?

What is Matthew expected to bring or present?

What would be your desired outcome from Matthew’s involvement?

What is the time, in hours, required of Matthew and what is the proposed compensation package?

(For Matthew’s speaking topics, click here)

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

To your success,

Money Smart Radio and Matthew Sapaula

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