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Money Smart Guy - Matthew Sapaula

Money Smart Guy - Matthew Sapaula

Hi there! I’m Matthew Sapaula, your host of MoneySmartRadio.com. Don’t let the suit and tie fool you, there is a different side to me that you may not hear on-air. My close friends, family and co-workers know that I’m a clown at heart, a Chicago Bears football fanatic that gets very LOUD during games and I love practical jokes…I even carry an iFart app on my iPhone (yes, I paid $3.99 for that).

Welcome to our Chicago-based financial talk radio show and personal finance blog!

God has given me quite a journey throughout my life and I thank Him for giving me the strength to hang on! I am bred, born and raised in this great city of Chicago. As a single father of three beautiful kids, I thank God that I carry no “baby-mama-drama” in my life. After giving my life to Jesus after turning 30, He turned my life around and the first thing I asked for was the forgiveness from the mother(s) of my children. Yes, I had a little ride on the wild side as a youngster. You can hear more details about that as I sprinkle those learning moments while you listen to our show!

Been there, Done that…and Will Continue to Do So

Just to give you heads up, I’m not perfect and have made a lot of dumb mistakes in my life. When it comes to money, I blew through ten years of military paychecks (approx. $200k+) on who knows what. I left my years of serving on active duty in debt and practically homeless, living out of my ’97 Nissan Maxima (which later got repo’d). I mean, have you looked back on the last five to ten years of your salary and asked yourself, “What do I have to show for it?”

I then committed my focus, attention and understanding how the money game works. At the same time, I launched my business of helping educate people on what financial planning is all about. In the words of one of my mentors, My mess became my message!”

For over a decade, I have helped people one-on-one, with their personal finances and challenges they face. As their financial “coach”, I have experienced alongside middle-income families the economic pain, grief and anguish when they make mistakes with money. I came to a realization and telling myself, “Sure, it’s smart to learn from your mistakes…but wiser to learn from the collective mistakes of others!”

Eager attendees at a financial workshop

Eager attendees at a financial workshop

People need to know that they are not alone.

This is where Money Smart Radio was born. People felt confusion and isolation about money issues. We wanted them to know that there are no dumb money questions…they CAN get “Money Smart” answers! We found that people do not want the same cookie-cutter suggestions. They want creative, personalized solutions from someone who can understand them and have walked in their shoes.

If you really want to know about how to win the money game, find additional ways to make money, gain new ideas to launch your own home-based business or offer a service that you are passionate about…then you have found a community that wants to grow with you!

The Heart of Money Smart Radio and Matthew Sapaula

More importantly, if you want to truly grow financially, we follow the guidelines of the greatest instruction manual ever created…the BIBLE! That’s right, God is our CEO at Money Smart Radio! (Again, this doesn’t make us perfect so I hope you can forgive us in advance for our flaws…)

I tend to lean on topics during our financial talk radio show on financial planning matters as it relates to college and retirement scenarios. As an observation when I used to work with families in a conference room meeting or across the kitchen table, I found that parents often disregard their own financial circumstances then “get-it-together” when their children are nearing graduation. Why does it have to take dramatic life events for most people to take care of their “900lb financial gorilla”?

Gotta love 'em boot camp shots!

Gotta love 'em boot camp shots!

As a former United States Marine, we were trained to fight for those who could not fight for themselves. I look at the Money Smart Radio show to shed some light on a topic that most people do not like to discuss…money issues and financial difficulty. I find it odd that most people want to talk about politics, religion, even sensitive personal relationship issues, before they want to talk about their money.

People love to blame others yet the answer is right under our own roof!

Also, I have formed my opinions from my own walk as a Christian and draw them from a bible-based perspective. The “OG” financial planning models, from the Word of God, sure has stood the test of time. Fundamentals never change, but methods do. I hope you can listen with an open mind but please, call in and voice your thoughts and opinions too! You matter!

Who You’ll Also Learn From…

I like to bring some of my friends and colleagues that I have gotten to know over the years to help the common, average American or “Joe the Plumbers”. How would you like to gain access to financial insight and wisdom that you would normally have to pay thousands of dollars for…for free?

You have GOT to tune in and tell your friends.! By all means, we LOVE it when you “Tweet” our blog posts or even share them on your profiles on Facebook. (Have you seen our Facebook fan page?)

Who have we interviewed on Money Smart Radio, so you can “pick-their-brain”? Let’s see here:

Wes Moss – Certified Financial Planner and former contestant on Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice”

Dr. Larry Barton – CEO/President of the American College, leading financial education authority that certifies and trains financial planners, financial consultants, insurance specialists, etc.

Douglas Andrew – NY Times best-selling author of Last Chance Millionaire, whose financial strategies have not lost one dime of retirement savings or home equity value, during the current recession

Tim Higgins, CFP – author of Paying for College Without Sacrificing Your Retirement , who says, “You can borrow for college but not for retirement!”

Dani Johnson – business and success coach, author of Spirit-Driven Success who shares how she has built a multi-million dollars business after overcoming homelessness and addiction

and more here

I know there is a lot of financial information out there so I hope we earn the right to become one of your favorite blogs to visit and financial talk radio shows to listen to.

Stick around, let us make money smart choices and journey together my friend!

This is your Money Smart Guy praying for you and wishing you all success!

God bless you,

Matthew Sapaula

P.S. Give us a call and drop us a voicemail with your financial or business questions/comments and we’ll include your message in our next show! 708.686.2000 x8

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