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Client of Matthew Sapaula Inc. Reveals the Truth About Mother’s Experience on Real Estate on Radio Show

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Although I do not take any personal clients any longer, (listeners are referred to our Money Smart Network of Preferred Financial Professionals) I still conduct annual reviews with existing clients.  It’s my responsibility.  I recently sat down with a client, who is a widow, and her son to review what our Money Smart Success Formula has produced over the past four years.

Back in 2005, I was personally mentored by NY Times best-selling author, Douglas Andrew, of The Last Chance Millionaire.  I installed a new set of financial strategies into my practice that I felt would better position my clients for success.  Although very different and non-traditional, it allowed me to guide clients through my core values and belief that says, “Plan for the worst but expect the best.”

Through 2005-2007, I was laughed at by fellow financial planners, investment advisers, accountants/tax preparers and insurance professional for being too conservative and some would say, innovative.  It is 2010 now and we’ve been through the greatest drop in our economy since the Great Depression.  Ted Van Duyne and his mother would beg to differ that they have been affected by the Great Recession of 2008-2010.  They are not just surviving through this economy, they are thriving.

You can hear what Ted has to say by downloading this replay of the Money Smart Moment on Chicago’s Real Estate on Radio Show, WLS 890 AM.

Before the recession why did you encourage you mother to implement some of the financial strategies that we coach people on for her own financial situation?

After four years of extensive explaining, are you glad we did what we did?

What  was your epiphany? Why did you want to make that phone call?

Why did you feel that your situation, your mothers situations could use a little massaging?

The financial strategies I’ve coached people on are off the traditional beaten and path, so what can you say to our listeners about doing something just a little different then everybody else even if it’s a little uncomfortable?

Ted do you feel good having people getting a financial coaching review? (Or second opinion?)

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