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What People Get From Our Financial Talk Radio Show – a Listener Tells All

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After two years doing a financial talk radio show in Chicago, people have frequently asked, “Are people really getting ahead?”  I had someone on my Facebook community page even say, “Did the smart money guy say to cash out of investments prior to the last crash??  Most didn’t. I’d like to know if he did. If he did he is a hero.  But most never risked telling their listeners to SELL SELL SELL.  The problem is sponsorship. I guess you want to get a money guy who has none investment sponsors. That might be the test.”

I appreciate this comment and feedback. People are tired of talk, talk, talk – especially when they think “sponsors” are media personalities you to say certain things.  I can openly and honestly say, our programming IS NOT funded by sponsors but rather from our own marketing budgets.

Meanwhile, other professionals in the financial services industry are tuning in and listening to what we have to share.  Our financial and real estate talk show has a conglomerate of team of related services. For examples, each week, our listeners get to hear from:

John Davis – veteran journalist and Chicago TV/radio icon

Ron Vergara – Real Estate Investor

Mabel Guzman – Realtor and President-elect of the Chicago Association of Realtors

Sebastian Walas – Mortgage Loan Officer

Nathan Schwartzberg – Real Estate Investor and Rehab Specialist

Yours truly – Financial Coach and Strategist

This past week’s archived show captures a listener from last week you called in and decided to take action.  Bill and Jackie were homeowners as well as real estate investors.  They did everything right, in their mind, to position themselves for financial independence.  Here were some of my questions to them:

Henry Morales of Allstate Shares His Insight During Our Show

Outside of your accountant recommending us, what really motivated you to listen to our show and call in when we talked about helping people with their financial situation?
How do you feel knowing that you at least  know more of your financial options and  have other alternatives?

What did the Chicago Board of Education teach you on how to handle your retirement and manage your multiple investment properties?

When we reviewed your retirement plan and  life insurance policies that you own, where you glad that you where available to see a different angle or have different opinion through our financial coaching challenge?

Special guest – Henry Morales who owns an Allstate agency in southern California.  He was my trainer when I entered financial services in 1999.  I asked him to share his two cents on maximizing advice and wealth-building wisdom:

Henry, what do you see is the biggest road block of people not taking advantage financial  guidance and advice people are sharing out there…and what’s keeping them from succeeding from this day forward?

Tune in EACH SATURDAY and join the conversation on Chicago’s only two-hour real estate and financial talk radio show!  We broadcast LIVE from 10am-Noon CST … you can listen LIVE during this time-frame by clicking HERE. Call in with your questions @ 312-591-8900 or post them as a comment below, we’ll be sure to get to you!! Or, if you want to start taking action now in maximizing upon the information you have been listening to, email me personally here: [email protected]

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    Listening to the talk show is just as effective as reading great articles. it also adds up to the interest of the readers by enriching their views on financial empowerment.

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