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SCORE TV: Personal Credit and How it Impacts You – pt 1

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Mark Goodman, a SCORE mentor and part of the Small Business Administration, hosts SCORE TV in Chicago, IL.  In light of people losing their jobs, businesses downsizing, banks cutting lines of credit reluctant to extend any type of credit brings an attack on consumers personal credit.  Personal credit and your credit score is one of the most confusing areas in managing money yet affects a big chunk of our financial decision and choices.

Any time a crisis comes, it is a great time to review the basics.  SCORE TV and their editors broke down this 30 minute show into great bite size pieces on helping you all understand personal credit much more. There are a few, great quick videos to review.

What Is In a Credit Score?

In this video, I share who the three main agencies are in your personal credit score.  Also, I will explain how your credit cards, application to open up credit lines and shopping the best mortgage rate can affect your personal credit score.

How You Can Check Your Credit Report and Your Credit Score

Here I discuss how often you should your credit report and the resources you can utilize to stay on top of your personal credit.  (Not to mention one of my favorite commercials on credit!)

Hope you’re having a great Money Smart Week 2010!

By the way, here is Stephanie Neely, City of Chicago Treasurer sharing her support of Money Smart Week on SCORE TV!

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