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Money Smart Guy Going Hollywood! The First Breakfast Movie directed by Christian Moffitt

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Nah, no plans for the West Coast, but who would have thought I’d be in a movie?  God always has His ways…and this time it was to cross paths with Christian Moffitt.  I was introduced to him by Christian Hage of City Church Chicago who discovered him, literally on the side of a street.  This guy is SUPER TALENTED and I couldn’t believe he is only 19 yrs old!

Christian Hage, Pastors Kent and Alli Munsey arranged for a special movie production to be created for last week’s Easter service.  What a treat for City Church Chicago…church was packed Easter morning.  Below is a replay of that production, The First Breakfast by City Church Films.

Big thanks to the Swim Cafe on Chicago Ave for being such a great set to shoot at…their menu is phenomenal and their owner, Karen, was kind enough to prepare us a meal after the shoot at 3am!  Be sure to stop on in and grab a bite to eat at Swim Cafe! GREAT food!

Ready for Lights, Camera, Action with the star, the Easter Bunny!

On top of that, it was great to be on set with so many of my brothers-in-Christ from City Church Chicago.  Time flies by so fast that even though we go to church together, we could use more laughs like the ones we had during this shoot.  I’m so glad that Christian Hage was able to upload this on Vimeo – check it out below!

Here’s a Chance to Help a Rising Star – I Need Your Help to Vote for Christian Moffitt!

As you can see from his work, Christian Moffitt is truly a talented and gifted filmmaker, director…you name it…he’s got the goods.  I’d really love it if you would help support his work, it would only take a few moments of your time to push up this young, Chicago talent to bigger things!  He was sent couple weeks ago, right after shooting The First Breakfast, to Los Angeles to shoot a short film staring Dominic Monaghan. There was another ‘team’ shooting a video staring Bobb’e J. Thompson.

Christian Moffitt in the ZONE while directing The First Breakfast

Starting April 13th, viewers need to vote for videos. If Christian’s video wins, he will win a $1,000 dollar scholarship that he will be able to put towards anything to further his film career.  What this means for Christian, is that he gets to save more money to eventually move to LA!

Here’s all you need to do to help him:

Beginning today, Monday, at 12:00pm April 12th, 2010 visit www.Fresh-Films.com

Vote for the video Gloria, staring Dominic Monaghan…click on CREW DOMINIC – as often as you can!

Voting doesn’t end until May 10th, 2010 so keep visiting Fresh-Films.com, keep voting and continue spreading the word!

FREE GIFT: To help encourage you in voting for Christian and helping him win his scholarship, drop a comment below in the comment section that you have voted for Christian Moffitt’s movie on Fresh-Films and have sent this link to your friends to ask them to vote as well.  I will have my staff email you immediately, your choice of one of these tracks we cut in the studio valued at $49 each, for FREE:

  • Stop Getting Ripped Off When Buying a Car with John Andrade, owner of the online car dealership The Auto Genie
  • How to Get Your College Education at the Best Price with John Belles of College Funding Solutions
  • Getting Your Mind Right for Building Wealth with Dr. Ralph Whetstine, licensed psychotherapist and college professor

Let’s get to voting for Christian and help him a scholarship!!

By the way, here’s some behind-the-scenes shots on set from Devin David photography.

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  1. Evelyn Ramirez says:

    Done and done! Great video Matthew! Tell Christian we send him out best and lots of VOTES! Please email me the College audio track. We’re also going to see you at the College Smart Fair next week!

  2. Christian says:

    Hey Matt,

    Great Blog, you know I was voting for my boy. Anyway, Karen is the owner of Swim Cafe. She was an incredible host to us that night.

    Thanks for your support.


  3. @Evelyn – your audio is on it’s way! Go get’ em! Thx for voting for Christian!

    @Christian – thx for reminding me of her Karen’s name, owner of Swim Cafe. Great host, great food!

  4. Beth Anderson says:

    What do you think of that! 19 years old? He’s definitely got my vote! Can you can send over the “Getting your mind right” CD, sounds interesting! Thx Matthew!

  5. Great film Christian. I’m excited about what’s next.

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