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VIDEO: Rollin’ in Chicago with Real Estate on Radio’s Ron Vergara – WLS 890 AM

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Would you like to accelerate your financial goals, dream towards financial independence and create a lifestlye of freedom and choice by 100 mph?  That can readily be accomplished by surrounding yourself with the right people.  Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, Anthony Robbins along with the rest of the personal development gurus will tell you that you are a product of your environment.  Choosing your friends, associates and advisors is directly related to the enjoyment, fulfillment and happiness you experience throughout your life.  Here’s a quick peek into one of my Friday afternoons with good friend, Ron Vergara of the Real Estate on Radio Show.

I make an effort to purposely choose who I have lunch with and surround myself with at all times, even on Fridays!  As the saying goes, “Live life on purpose!” Please connect with my friends within this video, they’re awesome people here in Chicago! I’ve included their Twitter/Facebook links below.

Tyra Martin http://www.facebook.com/tyramartin

Alex Mysko http://www.twitter.com/alexmysko

Nathan Schwartzberg http://www.facebook.com/nathan.schwartzberg

Ron Vergara http://www.twitter.com/ronvergara

…and of course the lunch spot we were eating at is at Chicago’s Emmy-award winning TV host, Billy Dec’s restaurant, Sunda Social. http://www.twitter.com/sundachicago

Tune in each Saturday from the Real Estate on Radio Show with Ron Vergara on Chicago's WLS 890 AM

Tune On In!

Heard about people making a ton of money by investing in real estate?  Did you realize that there were more millionaires created in 2009 as reported by CNN Money?  What do millionaires know that most people apparently do not?

Would you like to learn from people with extra insight, real estate investors who actually walk the walk…and not just teachers charging fees?

You’ve got to listen to Ron Vergara and his team on the Real Estate on Radio Show!

Tune into Chicago’s very own, WLS 890 AM for the Real Estate on Radio Show, every Saturday morning from 10am-NOON.  Mark it or put it into your calender!


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  1. Matt love that guy Nathan Schwartzberg of Nate’s Picks….. Very smart and unbelievable person.. No seriously though great video..

  2. Yeah…that guy Nathan doesn’t know how to use chopsticks yet in order to eat his sushi! LOL! Keep up the great work Nate with your “Real Estate Pick of the Week”…people listening to the show LOVE YOU!

  3. Todd Allen says:

    Great video guys!

  4. Ronald Vergara says:

    So many great highlights on the show……from Nates picks, to Matts Chat, to Sebastians Mortgage Outlook, Mabels RealEstate View Points, Alex’s Rehab tip of the week!!! Just great stuff. Matthew Sapaula you complete me!!!!

  5. @Todd – thx for droppin by and checkin us out!

    @Ron – you’re freakin’ “you complete me” hilarious!! HA! We all can say THANK YOU Ron for your leadership and courageousness in doing the right thing!

  6. Jen says:

    That was a great lunch meeting!

  7. David Pace says:

    I’m certain this guy is a BULL SHIT ARTIST! Looking to steal your MONEY.

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