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City Church Chicago: Happy Three Year Birthday!

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It was about two years ago, that my friend Jose Rodriguez invited me to watch a play in Munster, Indiana at Family Christian Center, called Jesus of Nazareth.  I had been struggling at that point with many decisions and relationships that I had in my personal and business life.  We took our kid’s there to watch this amazing play during Holy Week and thought it was just another “church play”.  Boy was I surprised!  It had a full on professional production, hundreds of actors, live animals and pyrotechnics you wouldn’t believe.

Little did I know that evening, I would meet Pastor Kent Munsey, who had already established a church in Chicago for one year already.  He invited us to his church, located on Chicago Ave/Halsted just north of Greek Town, and as the saying goes, “the rest is history”!  With that said, I’m even more excited about my future…and allowing the ministry of City Church Chicago to help cultivate God’s purpose for my life.  Lord knows, I need A LOT of help!

I know that I am not the only that has been greatly impacted by the dedicated work of City Church Chicago, leaders and growing volunteers.  At the creative direction of Christian Hage, here’s a little sum sumthin’ created with the help of City Church members.

Happy Three Year Birthday City Church Chicago!!

Watch this short video the whole way through, you’ll love the different personalities that make up City Church Chicago what it is today!  What did you think of Mancow Muller towards the end?  He has a powerful post on his blog about the power of prayer! Check it out – HERE!

It’s neat to see everyone in this video come to church, with high expectations, take notes…and leave encouraged and transformed!

Here are some of the cool peeps in this video that you have an opportunity to meet when you visit City Church Chicago!

Meet new peeps at City Church Chicago

Christian Hage – @chage1001

Danielle Blend – @danielleblend

Mo Williams – on Facebook

Andrew Mickus – on Facebook

Angel – (getting her Twitter now…)

David and Kelly Franco – http://www.twitter.com/Real_Franco

Alana Groves

Jahi Johnson

Mancow Muller – @MancowMuller

An open invitation: Do you find yourself turned off by religion or just never stopped to think and ask, “why do I believe what I want to believe”?  Frustrated with the whole night life and social scene while never meeting true, dependable friends or relationships that you can count on?   Are you located in the Chicagoland area and maybe looking for simple, genuine encouragement and support?  Ever considered hangin’ out with a different group of friends who are spirit-guided, community-focused and wanting to lead their overall lives, better?  Would you like to visit a bible-based church that teaches the Word of God in a new, fresh and contemporary way?  Be my personal guest at City Church Chicago…pick any Sunday you’d like to drop by @ 5:30pm, located at:

777 N. Green St., Chicago, IL.  (Chicago/Halsted are the major cross streets)

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