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City Church Notes: Holy Week – Seven Days That Changed the World Forever

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It used to be I’d carry my Bible, notepad and pen into church.  But due to innovation and technology, everything is conveniently now in my pocket.  Therefore, if you’re sitting around me during service, don’t throw anything at me while I fiddle with my iPhone.  I’m not texting…I’m taking notes!! This week are City Church notes about Holy Week – the seven days that changed the world forever!  Pastor Kent shares that in order to get into heaven, you also have to have a certain amount of notes on file…so here goes.  By the way, I have a special note at the end of this post.  God bless you!!

City Church Notes from this past Sunday:

Everything you see today…is a result of these seven days.  Christians all over the world call it Holy Week.

Some focus on the holiday of Easter.  However, we should be mindful not of the holiday, or the event, but rather the process of what it took to get there.

Every time you see a person that is highly successful, you shouldn’t be saying, “I wish I could be where they are!”  Rather, you should be asking the question, “What price were they willing to pay to get to where they are?”

What biblical events took the process of occurring over seven days?

Creation of the World, God took seven days (Genesis 1)
The mighty walls of Jericho were brought down after a seven day siege (Joshua 6)

Most of the world will celebrate on Sunday to Sunday….but what about Monday through Saturday??

Pastor Kent preaching at City Church Chicago

Pastor Kent preaching at City Church Chicago

These scriptures outline the seven days of Holy Week:

  • Matthew 21-27
  • Mark 11-15
  • Luke 19-24

During Jesus’s ministry….He was a Rockstar!!  He commanded attention wherever He went…a mega-celebrity of the time!!!

Palm Sunday – Triumphant Entry

Manic Monday – passion…Jesus got a whip and went into the temple…said, “my house shall be a house of prayer yet you have made it a house of thieves”
The religious people there cared more about money than they did about God!
Jesus was passionate about God, people and the Holy Spirit took over and moved in a mighty way!

Teachable Tuesday – Jesus had a way to take biblical truths and find a way to apply them to everyday life. (faith) We have to be hearers of the Word of God, then be doers!

Where the Heck is He Wednesday – in scripture Jesus is no where to be found. When you don’t have God around, you need answers….you have to trust and extend your faith and give it all to God!

Tempted Thursday – Jesus was tempted to quit, His disciples who were supposed to be there for Him took off…Jesus kept fighting and believing
It is in the process that God develops faith, passion, trust, perseverance

Fearful Friday – for joy set before Him, He took up His cross.  Everything under the sun has purpose! There is a season, a struggle and a reason for this season

Sedated Saturday – Jesus did all He could do…we can do our very best but know that God will do the rest!! Saturdays teaches us to be confident…

Resurrection Sunday…CELEBRATION! HE is RISEN, indeed!!

Don’t live life on accident but on purpose…
There is power in the process…

Key message: If God can do all these things in just seven days…what would happen to you life if you gave him your days?

An open invitation: Do you find yourself turned off by religion or just never stopped to think and ask, “why do I believe what I want to believe”?  Frustrated with the whole night life and social scene while never meeting true, dependable friends or relationships that you can count on?   Are you located in the Chicagoland area and maybe looking for simple, genuine encouragement and support?  Ever considered hangin’ out with a different group of friends who are spirit-guided, community-focused and wanting to lead their overall lives, better?  Would you like to visit a bible-based church that teaches the Word of God in a new, fresh and contemporary way?  Be my personal guest at City Church Chicago…pick any Sunday you’d like to drop by @ 5:30pm, located at:

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