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How This Laid Off Worker Handles a Major Financial Challenge

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As the economy continues to rebuild and small businesses reinvent themselves, laid off workers have had to weather one of the worst economic and financial times of their lives.  At at time where most feel financially isolated and confused, people like Bob and Mary Jo have become more proactive in taking control of their financial future.  A few years ago before the recession, I met them while speaking for a Chicago real estate investing club.  As a financial strategist and wealth-building coach specializing in the specific needs of home owners and real estate investors, I had the opportunity to not only help Bob and Mary Jo weather a personal economic collapse, but brace for a recession.  Sure enough, right after we had met, Bob had gotten laid off after being promised a company pension after 20+ years of committed, loyal service to his company.  No monthly pension income payments, no health insurance, no company benefits as previously promised…Bob was on his own.

Like every laid off worker, they have had to buckle down and assess their financial situation.  Bob and Mary Jo are an inspiration to me, as well as to many others, of the American fighting spirit.  No matter what this economy has thrown their way, they have clawed their way back and continue to hang on!  They have used their skills to save money on a tight budget, make wise financial decisions about their retirement plan and rise above their circumstances.  They have even started a new business venture!

Ok, let me hush it up…check out these videos and tell me what it is about money that is on YOUR mind!  More importantly, tell me what you think about Bob and Mary Jo!!

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Special Segment – Money on the Mind – by Cheryl Burton, Chicago’s ABC Channel 7

Here’s how they felt about facing their financial issues, head on:

Lastly, the results of finding new financial direction, confidence and creativity:

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  1. Michael Young says:

    Mr. Sapaula…I’m glad we have you! Aren’t Bob and Mary Jo happy they met you, wow! Keep up the good work, I look forward to more videos like this.

  2. Bethany Cruz says:

    Amazing! That’s what happens when you go out and seek help instead of hoping “someone” will take care of your problems. You must be really busy these days Matthew!!

  3. dawny says:


  4. I went through a similar situation. I had been downsized out of 3 jobs in 4 years and had a family to provide for. What started out as a curse and had me scared that I would not be able to provide for my family…ended up becoming the biggest blessing. It got real tough with creditors calling. But I adapted the saying “That which does not kill you makes you stronger”. Through finding mentors like Matthew and many others I learned business skills that allowed me to succeed in business. I not only weathered the storm but thrived in the greatest recession since the great depression. I am now returning the favor looking to provide hope and inspiration to others who think thy may not be able to live their dreams. Thanks Matthew.

  5. marcy says:

    what an inspiration ! I know I can hang on, do my best, go out and seek instead of stay home and do nothing; blessings will pour in. Thank you Matthew for doing the job God intended you to do and doing it well !

  6. @Michael – you motivate me, thx for your comment! We WILL come out with more video!
    @Bethany – Right! You have to take CHOICE and CONTROL in your hands…glad you agree!
    @Dawny- You right! Hang in there…your breakthrough is coming!
    @John – thx for sharing brother…glad you are such a great co-host on our Monday Morning Show – Making God First Monday!
    @Marcy – Continue to be an inspiration as well! God bless you sunshine!

  7. Nancy Sanchez says:

    Way to go Matthew! I am so inspired as I have personally felt the pressure of getting laid off myself. I wish I knew about you! I’m emailing you now to get more info…

  8. @Nancy – stay encouraged! Just got your email…our team looks FWD to meeting with you!

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