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SPARK, Inc. is Hosting its 1st Annual Single Parent Family, Freedom Tele-Summit for Parents and Youth

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Over the past month, I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with Tina Fortune via Twitter, as she is a loyal listener of our Chicago-based financial talk radio show.  She regularly listens to our show, especially on our Monday morning episodes of Making God First Mondays.  It is not only my honor to invite you all to her tele-summit that you can participate in the comfort of your home, but an honor to be asked by Ms. Fortune to be a part of her message to single-parent families.  As a single-father myself, I deeply empathize with the challenges of not only making a living, dealing with the stresses of life and a career, but raising up the next generation in our family line…future leaders, entrepreneurs and world changers.

I personally ask that you invite all the single parents that you know to this event and invest in our community, our families and our future together.

A great mentor of mine once said, “You are a product of the books you read, the people you surround yourself with and the meetings you attend“.

Tune in and “see you” there!!

-Matthew Sapaula

Enter Tina Fortune:

Single Parent Assistance, Resources Knowledge, (SPARK) Inc., under the auspices of Tina Fortune leads Jacksonville, Florida-based nonprofit 501(c)3 whose mission is to Activate Confidence and Inspire Wisdom in Single Parent Families.
SPARK, Inc. is actively working to reduce the rate of poverty and successfully launch single parents into economic self-sufficiency.  They provide workshops, coaching, seminars and more to low-to-moderate income single parent families to assist them in achieving financial independence.

SPARK, Inc. is hosting its 1st Annual Single Parent Family, Freedom Telesummit for Parents and Youth, March 15-26, 2010. This life changing event is FREE to those who register at http://freedomsummit.eventbrite.com
Who should register and participate in this virtual event? Glad you asked.

SPARK, Inc recommends the following demographic be part of this event because it wants to empower this target market to discover a diversity of resources to help them develop strong single parent families:

  • Single Dad
  • Divorced Mom
  • Married & Separated
  • People looking for parenting tips for a teen
  • People who want to succeed and achieve success as a parent
  • Teens who want to connect with others from a Single Parent Family
  • People who have never been married and want to prepare for a Blended Family

Single Parent Summit Expert Guests:

3/15: Willie Mae Hawkins & Ramona Taylor “The Spiritual Side of Single Parenting
3/16: Paul Lawrence Vann:  “Completing the Project instead of Raising a Project.  The role of the Single Mom raising sons in a Fatherless Home” & Matthew Stevens a representative from Raising Him Alone organization in Jacksonville, FL.
3/17: Megan Champion:  “Blending the family: A journey from Single Motherhood to Wife and Mother
3/18: Matthew Sapaula:  “Winning the Real Life Monopoly Game of Personal Finance
3/19: Tina Fortune:  “Defining the Role of the Single Parent and Achieving Success

Child/Teen Summit

3/22: Quennlyn Inc. “Teen Talk for the Girls:  Living mPOWERd 4 LIFE
3/23: J.L. Godfrey:  “Leadership skills for boys:  Speaking to Eagles
3/24: Lisa Maria Carroll:  “Teen Talk:  Let’s talk about SEX for Boys and Girls
3/25: Tricia Powe: “Looking at co-parenting from the Youth Point of View” Founder of StepfamilySystems.com
3/26: Lera Williamson and Tina Fortune: “10 Strategies for Success in the Single Parent Family from the Child and Parent’s Point of View

How will these workshops improve lives and communities?

  • Raise the level of awareness about single parent families in our communities
  • Confident parents that have the necessary tools and resources to succeed as single parents that produce happier, healthier children
  • Increase the level of independence in the single parent family since they develop self-reliance through education
  • Provide resources to assist in lowering the drop out and child poverty rates associated with children from single parent households

*Prizes* *Book Give-aways* *Bonus Guests* *Mary Kay Certificates* *Edible Arrangements Gift Certificates* *Gas Cards* *Gift Memberships to join SPARK* *Massage Gift Certificates* *Grocery Gift Cards* *Pizza-Hut Gift Cards**Chick-fil-A Gift Cards* and so much more!

Tina Fortune and SPARK, Inc. Empower, Inspire and Deliver resources to strengthen single parent families. Learn more about the First Annual Single Parent Family Freedom Telesummit at

Make Sure You Connect with Tina Fortune on Twitter!

http://freedomsummit.eventbrite.com and find out more about the organization at http://www.sparkwisdom.com

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Make today great!
Tina Fortune
“Activating Confidence and Inspiring Wisdom in the Single Parent Family”

Not a Single Parent? Please pass this information, via email, Twitter or Facebook sharing to a Single/Divorced Parent you may know in your church or neighborhood. Thank you!

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  1. Tina Fortune says:

    You have an amazing ministry and are an amazing man! Thank you for joining our show!!!! You gave us inspiration, information and tools to achieve success in our finances!

  2. Most definitely Tina! I’m so proud of you, YOUR ministry and the passion you have to help single-parent families!

    You have a GREAT show! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your work!

  3. John says:

    Tina is Da Bomb Digity!!! Way to inspire so many single parents to greatness.

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