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Financial Planning Busts and the Lack of Financial Literacy in America

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In this episode, I’ll discuss:

  • Several financial strategies we are taught that have resulted in completely opposite, ugly truths
  • Why following the crowd leads you to unfavorable financial results
  • How to build home equity in your home again with a modern financial strategy in managing your mortgage
  • How to view your mortgage as a wealth-building tool and not just something you hurry to payoff
  • What banks don’t tell you when you are sending in extra mortgage payments
  • Mortgage and financial planning discussion with Joel Wymer, voted #1 financial advisor in the Beacon Journal of Akron, Ohio.

  • How to pick yourself back up again after losing everything
  • Building financial awareness for young adults and building to a lifestyle they want
  • Why do we see a lot of “rich” people but not very  many “wealthy” people
  • How to increase our financial literacy and awareness to climb out of the recession with Vince Shorb, creator of the MoneyXLive events

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  1. Matthew I have been preaching about NOT paying off your home mortgage for years. It is great to hear from an expert, Joel Wymer. You provide immeasurable value to consumers. I totally agree that we as consumers must start to think about our money differently. Thanks for caring and getting the correct information out!

  2. This is great that we are able to get a mortgage as this can open up new opportunities.

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