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Chris Searcy: How an Indie Artist Turned His Passion into Profit

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Once a week, we profile an entrepreneur that has taken the courage to go way past their comfort zone to achieve the dream that God has placed solely in their heart.  This week’s featured entrepreneur is, Chris Searcy, an indie (independent) artist who produced his own hit song, Addicted.  By continuing to follow his passion, in the midst of a recession and amongst naysayers or “haters”, his song Addicted has climbed up the charts to #14 on the Gospel Music Channel’s top 20 songs.  His story and example is truly one that exemplifies an individual that has found their passion and found a way to turn it into profit.

What does an indie artist have to do with being an entrepreneur? Everything!  Without a major music label backing him, Chris not only has created his own hit song, but his own music label My Radio Records and is responsible for the management and marketing of his work.  Enjoy this video highlight of Chris Searcy and be sure to download the full interview below.

In the words of Michael Gerber’s ground-breaking book for all entrepreneurs, The E-Myth, every small business owner or in this case, indie (independent) artist wears three hats:

Manager – this hat forces one to be pragmatic.  Here the manager plans, creates order and predictability.

Technician – this hat is the doer and loves to tinker. A technician lives in the present, is happy and can only do one thing at a time.

Entrepreneur – this hat is the visionary and the dreamer. An entrepreneur lives in the future and happiest when left free for “what-if” and “if-when” scenarios.

No better example than this with Chris Searcy, who at 24 years old, has found a way to tie these things together.  Later this week, VH-1 is flying him out to New York to be part of something special…listen to the audio podcast for the details.

Booyaaa Baby! Chris Searcy's Addicted at #14 on the Gospel Music Channel Top 20 List.

Do you need a song that will lift you up and get you going?  I suggest you download his song, “Addicted”, into your iPod or mp3 player and take his energy along with you.  Drop your comments below and tell Chris what you think of his song and help spread the word!

Stay encouraged everyone to find your entrepreneurial passion, regardless of your circumstances.  Consider this quote by Michael Gerber, “Your business is nothing more than a distinct reflection of who you are.”

P.S. To watch the music video Chris Searcy’s Addicted AND to get my notes on Four Ways to Reach Your Dreams, from a world-renowned speaker and millionaire-maker Pat Mesiti, click HERE.

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  1. Gina Parris says:

    Yay, Chris!

    What a great story and such an encouraging song. I love the video too! Keep up the wonderful inspirational and totally cool work. Mega kudos to you for your success.

  2. Monique says:

    Congrats Chris! Thank u for coming and performing at City Church! Good luck hope to c u soon god bless! Monique

  3. Tracy says:

    Thank you Chris for sharing your story and your gift of song.

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