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Matthew Sapaula appears on Chicago’s WLS 890 AM Real Estate on Radio Show

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After a couple “Tweets”, mentions by common clients and a power lunch with Ron Vergara and Sebastian Walas, co-hosts of Chicago’s WLS 890 AM Real Estate on Radio Show, it became apparent that the worlds of Chicago financial planning and real estate investing needed to combine.  While reviewing the show strategy and business alignment over oxtail potstickers, chicken adobo and a Thai omelet at Sunda downtown, Ron Vergara states in his own words, “Matthew Sapaula completes me!”

Okay, stop with the snarkled laughter…

Appearing this Saturday, at 11am CST on the Real Estate on Radio Show on WLS Radio 890 AM, Matthew “The Money Smart Guy” Sapaula, will appear in a featured financial segment highlighting financial and retirement planning strategies specific to home owners and real estate investors.

Based on your feedback on this blog, Facebook comments and Tweets over Twitter, a demand for specific financial education and strategies were needed.   A majority of homeowners in years past had tons of home equity that has unfortunately disappeared during the pop of the real estate bubble.  Many have made the wrong decisions about what mortgage they needed to obtain in purchasing real estate, poured their life savings into a real estate investment portfolio and maintained poor cash liquidity throughout leaving them exposed to unnecessary risk.

Matthew Sapaula delivering financial segment on the Real Estate on Radio Show, WLS 890 AM

Due to the large attendance at a financial planning and educational workshop taught by Matthew Sapaula, sponsored by Wachovia and in partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago during Money Smart Week, Chicagoans have never felt more financially isolated, confused and powerless.  With the amount of information being delivered at these workshops, homeowners and real estate investors can benefit from this show by discovering a new direction to undertake in order to maneuver themselves out of this recession.

Here are some topics that Matthew Sapaula will cover during his featured financial planning segment, every other week, with the Real Estate on Radio Show.

  • How to Build Wealth with Your Mortgage – this is not just debt instrument but rather a wealth building tool
  • It’s not just the math – Get financially independent faster with a 30 year mortgage vs. a 15 year mortgage-
  • Paying off your mortgage is a mistake and what you should do if you can send in extra payments
  • How to build an additional $1M dollars in retirements savings with $250k of trapped home equity
  • Why people who have followed specific real estate home equity management strategies would not be losing their homes in foreclosure
  • How to safely make money whether real estate values go up or down, or whether the stock market goes up or down.
  • How to conserve and protect your home equity, no matter what happens in the economy or real estate market
  • How to establish a worry-free retirement savings plan that will ensure that you do not outlive your money
  • How not to lose your nest egg, or live savings, during the real estate crunch and current recession

Are you a homeowner or real estate investor that needs to be more cash rich, rather than “just-on-paper”?  Do you want to find out how to plan for kid’s college without sacrificing your own retirement?  Are you looking for ways to rebuild your wealth again in 2010?

Would you like to view a FREE, 60 minute webinar right now that reviews these financial strategies?  If so, make sure you subscribe to our RSS feed and enter you name/email in the small box that reads, “Get Access to Over 100 Hours of Free “Money Smart” Audios, Radio Interviews and Podcasts!”  The link will be emailed to you to view immediately.

Plus, don’t forget to purchase the Top Radio Show Interview of Money Smart Radio, Volume 1.  Many of these financial strategies are discussed with the country’s top experts.

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