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City Church Notes: Four Ways to Reach Your Dreams with Pat Mesiti and Chris Searcy Performs Addicted

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Before we get into the Word, we had a blast with a performance by Chris Searcy who sang , Addicted.  That brotha was off the chain ! (Choreography by Pastor Kent Munsey…lol!)  If you missed church last night, the best I can do is share his video…by the way, his song hit the Top 20 Songs on the Gospel Charts…that’s amazing for an independent artist!  Tweet or share this post to help him continue getting the word out!  Here is Chris Searcy’s song, Addicted…raisin’ the roof in the House of the Lord!

OK, now that I’ve got you hyped up, it gets even better. Here are some of my notes from “church” with special guest speaker, Pat Mesiti, a world-renowned motivational speaker, business coach and most of all…man of God! I apologize for the gaps, I was mesmerized by what he was saying that I couldn’t type fast enough. (Pssst! I’m not texting in church with my iPhone…I’m taking notes!”

Would you or anyone you know, like to get to the next level in your life? No where in my life did I think that church was SO COOL!  Having spent time at City Church Chicago, led by Senior Pastor Kent Munsey, causes anyone to rethink what they believe church is.  For example, how would you like to go to a church to discover four ways to reach your dreams with your money or business…the GOoD way?  (pronounced “good”, but notice that there is GOD in that word)

  • God has a plan for you! God has a purpose for you, a destiny!
  • God made you different and has given you a dream! The world hates dreamers but cant live without them!
  • In God’s world, you have enemies. The devil is one of them…some of them are you relatives!  To make your dream come true, hang around dreamers!
  • Your mistakes are an event in your life, not a permanent condition.
  • There is no problem being immensely successful in the business/secular world!  God at times needs you to use Goliaths sword to cut off Goliaths head!

For example, Pat Mesiti has preached God’s Word to a secular audience. He’s taught some of the world’s greatest business people the true, “Secret”! It didn’t start with, “the Law of Attraction”…it started with God’s word that said, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he!” (Proverbs 23:7)  Another example of Godly success if Pat’s opportunity to interview Sir Richard Branson.

Here are Pat Mesiti’s Four Ways to Reach Your Dream with Your Money or Business

1) Have a Dream

  • A man with a dream will not be denied! God doesn’t need more preachers, He needs more dreamers!
  • If the dream is big enough the facts don’t The soul thinks in pictures…your dream must be visual to you.
  • If it is a mist in your head, there is a fog outside of it!

2) Have a Plan

  • Tithe and give to your local church! Some say, “I will designate to where I want it” Pat says, “You can’t designate what God has already given out!”
  • Your dream or salvation is an event.  Don’t get stuck there…keep going! God has a PLAN for you. If so, wouldn’t you like to find out what the plan is? Don’t get caught up in a event mentality, but you should focus on the process, or journey, by figuring out your plan! A plan is a spiritual thing!
  • Some say, “I want the Lord to lead me.” Pat says, “GET MOVING cause it is hard to move a parked car!”

3) Watch your attitude

  • You have to bless the nation in order for God to bless you! Learn to be able to give FIRST!
  • For example, Joseph many years ago, sowed a seed to make Egypt an economic powerhouse!
  • Don’t get caught up with your “don’t”s i.e. “don’t do this, don’t do that… Get caught up in “this is my dream, THIS IS MY DREAM!” Everyone can tell someone who’s got a bad attitude besides the one who has it! Money doesn’t make the man it just magnifies what they are already!

    Pat illustrated his message on giving with Worship Pastor Jonathan Brown. Pat says, "You can't fit anymore money in a hand that is clenched into a fist!"

    Pat illustrated his message on giving with Worship Pastor Jonathan Brown. Pat says, "You can't fit anymore money in a hand that is clenched into a fist!"

4) Get Focused

  • You cant change what you tolerate. The environment of your life will determine what you produce in your life.  If you’re not happy with what you produce…change your environment!
  • The problem with therapy is that it deals with your “list of issues with your spouse or yourself”! When in fact you should be dealing with the problem that you have a list to begin with!
    Always bring value, as Joseph brought value to Potifer’s house and to the country of Egypt
  • Anybody can leave a legacy, it doesn’t matter what age you are!

Closing thoughts:

The bad news, one day you are going to die. The worse news is where are you going to spend eternity?
How are you going to live?

Do you need to change your environment to help you reach your dreams?  We invite you each Sunday to visit City Church Chicago.

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God bless you and have an amazing week!

Your brother in battle,

Matthew Sapaula

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