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PODCAST: Stupid Money Mistakes Learned by a Nuclear Scientist and How to Avoid Them

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I love when I meet guys who go against the grain and think outside the box.  Apparently for most, following the wisdom of traditional financial planning HAS NOT gotten people closer to financial freedom and independence. Joe Templin's Financial Mistakes of New College Grads In fact, the front page of the Money and Business section of the Chicago Tribune reported the “Lost Decade” of stocks, on New Year’s Day 2010.

I had a chance to interview Joe Templin on our Chicago-based financial talk radio show, who is a financial planner, with a background in nuclear engineering.  Yes, he is one of the smartest people you will ever come across and not only understands things from a 35,000 foot view, but can get into the details of subject matters long after it loses most people’s attention.

During this podcast, you’ll hear his personal story of how he went from nuclear engineer to financial planner, how he feels new college graduates future financial success and how to get ahead in a changing economy.

Joe Templin is the author of Top Tax Plays for the Individual and Financial Mistakes of New College Grads.

By the way, he made my Top Ten Money Smart Books of 2009.

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  1. Matthew, I like that you interviewed Joe. He is great, he is the engineer that can actually communicate well. If you ever need a disability guru, please call me. Many financial advisors, property casualty, life agents etc. have me work with their clients on why and how to protect their income.

    Take care,
    Corey Anderson
    952-224-5400 ext. 204

  2. Justin Koehler says:


    I taught a class entitled “Principles of Career and Life Planning” at a large university in upstate NY state during my doctoral studies. This book would have been invaluable and necessary reading for all my students–how can you plan your career and life without, at least, factoring in your financial budget? You can’t.

    I hired Joe to guest lecture before he had written his book. His lecture packed the room I booked (which was too small) and he kept them riveted with his knowledge and humor–I was actually surprised to hear that this was Joe’s first official on-radio interview.

    Kudos for having him on your show, let’s hope his message reaches those students.

    Justin Koehler

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