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Personal Branding Tips To Attract Wealth

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Often times through social networking, you meet courageous, God-inspired people.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jaye during the broadcast of our Monday AM show “Making God First Mondays“.  She is ON FIRE  and quite the friend to us, by constantly spreading the word of our Chicago-based financial talk radio show from a faith-based perspective.  She too, is a fellow broadcaster and you can tune into her radio show by clicking here and the link at the bottom of this post.  I am so thankful for her contribution to our blog!

May God continue to bless you abundantly Jaye!!

Enter Jaymerican:

6 Simple Cost Effective Tools to Attract Wealth

I have come that you might have life and that (life) more abundantly.

Jesus Christ, John 10:10

“It takes money to make money”, they say; but what does it take to make wealth? If money creates money, then wealth must create wealth. So, it is simple then; because wealth is within you. You may have allowed it to lay dormant, or you may have never unlocked the vault, but make no mistake, it is there inside you. When you are done reading this article, you will have six simple ways to attract wealth back to yourself.

Personal Branding Tips To Attract Wealth

– 6 Simple Cost Effective Tools to Attract Wealth

The simple things confound the wise. 1Cor. 1:27

That’s not just a cute little scripture. Simple things are often hardest to do. We have been taught that life is hard, work hard, study hard and even pray hard. Imagine that, communication with the One who loves you most, being hard.

Since I have become a Minimalist, I have begun to see things more clearly, as I let go of stuff; mental and physical clutter that has stood in the way of living. I have begun to notice that there is something beautiful about the simple things in life.

I set my intentions to free you from old thinking of how to obtain wealth, but first let us fully define wealth. Wealth is living life in its fullness, with no limits to our health, mobility, happiness, productivity, prosperity, brilliance, life span and power. The wealth I am talking about is in you, in fact God created from it. You are a miracle of life and you should be living that way.

Jaye, leader of the Jayemerican Movement

Jaye, leader of the Jayemerican Movement and host of the Jaye Today Show

You will do greater works (greater miracles) than me.

Jesus Christ, John 14:12

Here are six simple ways to manifest your wealthy life:


Decree what you want. I love words that are absolute: decree and claim. Claim is the totality of believing, speaking and targeting something desired as being yours. Understand that inside the word claim is the word aim. Aim your words toward your desires. After you have released your intentions from the chamber of your mouth there is no need to micro-manage your claim. It will hit the intended target.

Call those things that are not as though they were. Romans 4:17

In Genesis we can see, this pattern “God said… and God saw… and it was good.” We are created us in His image. We have the same power.

Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Proverbs 18:21

Let’s focus on manifesting more life, shall we?


Many people waist their own time worrying, contemplating, procrastinating and complaining. These subtract from your life all that Jesus came to give you, “…life and that more abundantly.” John 10:10

It took me years to understand that God created us to enjoy life. He experiences joy through us. He loves when we enjoy life. Have you considered that God is in us, that he experiences our life through us?

How often do you take the time to really taste your food, savor the flavor and enjoy it? Would you enjoy your food, your life, and your love ones more often if you realized you are sharing that experience with God? When in the presence of your family, your spouse and children, take the time to enjoy them and know more about them, because God enjoys that. These are simple ways to live. Living is being in the present moment and allowing joy to saturate that moment. One joyful moment will link you to more joyful moments.


Be thankful for what you already have. Many only dream to have what you have. Do not take your blessings, gifts and talents, or accomplishments for granted.

If you are faithful over a few things, God will make you ruler over many.

Mathew 25:23

Before faithfulness, there has to be gratefulness. Without it, faithfulness falls on the way to what would be the next blessing.


As a practicing Minimalist, giving is an intricate part of my lifestyle. There was a time when keeping things, due to attaching a memory or feeling to it, had me hoarding things that I never used, yet someone else could. By the time I had release my feelings from a thing, it would no longer have any real value to anyone. I have learned to practice giving things that have value.

The Dead Sea is dead because it only receives. It never gives. It’s clogged up. Life is as simple as seed time and harvest. It is a time to plant, water and harvest. Giving is not just money. Giving is time. Giving is effort. Giving is love. Perfect, this takes me to the next simple tip.


So often over looked, we love to love people that we obviously should; but what about the others?

Love the Lord your God; Love thy neighbor as thyself, on these two commandments hang all the laws. Luke 10:27, Mark 12:31

How often do we love others the exact same way we love ourselves? We see someone we think needs to change their life, but they are starving to death; do we preach to them or do we feed them first? Are we more anxious to feel good about ourselves, that we “won a soul” or are we anxious to give our love? Love is gentle, yet so powerful. Love given, gets devotion in return. People will follow you when you have overwhelmed them with the God kind of love. A wife who receives an abundance of gentle love from her husband will follow him where ever. We trust those who love us; but guest what? Everybody does.

You want to attract better friendships and business relationships? Then love.


Show others how you came to where you are; how to prosper, how to live healthy, how to be happy. Notice, I did not say tell, I said show.

What does any of this have to do with wealth? Why is it important to my business that I live a joyful life, show gratitude, give, love and share?

Answer: Everything. You are always attracting something to you. Now you have been given simple, cost effective tools to attract wealth. Great wealth in terms of money is transferred through clients and consumers. Clients and consumers are people. People are attracted people that…” live a joyful life, show gratitude, give, love and share.”

For more about Jaymerican – Click HERE


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  1. HaStyle24 says:

    Good article preciate the tips.

    I’ll start loving others the way I love myself.


  2. Gerlaine says:

    I love the part about living. There was a quote that came in my email box today. It said … “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” ~Agatha Christie 1890-1976, Novelist

    It seems that we are always waiting to live. We are always waiting to try. Get started and do something now… this will help lead to a life of financial success.

  3. Deidre says:

    Very well written. Very insightful

  4. The above mentioned tips to attract wealth are not just in money. I do believe that even human have basic needs that can be bought, a person has also the need of being happy, being love back and a person should always appreciate their life. It is a matter of accepting that happiness cannot be brought through money but instead it explains that a person should be wealthy spiritually and emotionally.

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