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Twitter Friends: A Veteran’s Day Story

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It is amazing the people you meet online, via Twitter or Facebook, who share the same passions and areas of interest as you.  During Veteran’s Day a couple weeks ago, I had met via social media, Wes Brown.  I was delighted to ,”tweet up”, alongside him to honor the United States Armed Forces and the veterans who have fought bravely for this country.  I asked him if there is something he can share with our listeners of Money Smart Radio and readers of our blog.

Enjoy…Matthew Sapaula

Enter Wes Brown:

I have been asked to write a guest entry for Matthew Sapaula‘s Money Smart Radio blog.  Before I began working for Mr. Edsel, I did not know much about the Monuments Men.  I knew they saved art during WWII, but that was all I knew.  They were a special unit created by the allied forces, to help save and recover cultural treasures that were being systematically looted by the Nazi’s. They were a pretty incredible group of people, and the way they were able to locate these treasures is miraculous. From Ettlinger to Valland, there are some great people with some incredible stories.

Though there are many different inspirational stories between the Monuments Men, there is one unifying theme.  They all felt the need to serve a purpose greater than themselves.  In today’s society, for the most part, all people care about is themselves and their latest bell or whistle.  I don’t think our society cares how many innocent people get killed on a daily bases, much less saving the cultural treasures in the Middle East.  A childhood buddy of mine was in the first platoon into Saddam’s main house and they did some terrible stuff to that house including the relics and treasures there.  I can only imagine what has happened to other cultural treasures in one of the oldest regions in the world.  If more people knew about The Monuments Men and their mission, we could have a special unit deployed, focused on saving the cultural treasures in the Middle East.

I’m grateful that someone had the foresight to see the importance of saving the cultural treasures for future generations before they were destroyed.  In the times of World War II, people were more educated and understood the importance in saving cultural treasures for future generations.  Nationwide, our public school systems cut back funding for the arts before any other subjects.  Today, MTV and all the rest of the filth on television, teaches our children that cultural treasures are pieces of jewelry that Paris Hilton wore.

On Veteran’s Day, The Larry King Show on CNN had Carrie Prejean as their guest  talking about her scandalous activity on the one night supposed to be dedicated to our brave veteran’s who have sacrificed for this country.  And as the show was ending, King squeezes in one little sentence about honoring our veteran’s.  Outrageous!

Robert Edsell, author of the Monuments Men

Robert Edsell, author of the Monuments Men

When you see how little importance our nation puts on the arts and culture, it’s not hard to see why this has not become a bigger issue.  It is going to take the masses getting educated, rising up and demanding that we save the cultural treasures in the Middle East before anything will change.  So I’m here doing my small part, helping Mr. Edsel and the Monuments Men Foundation in raising awareness and educating people about The Monuments Men and their mission.

Thank you to our veterans for the sacrifice they make. Thank you for letting me share the story of these great heroes of civilization with your readers and supporters.


Wes C. Brown


Book Page writes, “an account that moves like a Hollywood action adventure…there are heroes to root for, villains to hiss at and an increasingly pressing race against time…Whether you’re a fan of art, military history or stories of real-life heroes, The Monuments Men is a treasure worth the hunt”.

A Veteran’s Day Story – The Monuments Menhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFGAsqnOSEU

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  1. Wes Brown says:

    Thank you for sharing my opinion and The Monuments Men story with your readers. We need to illuminate this issue so we can prevent the destruction of culture in the future. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.

    Thank You Again,
    Wes Brown

  2. 963woodland says:

    What a great tribute and down to earth person with his values in the right place. I would like this person as my friend. It is so true about what was in the news on Veterans Day. Come on – a 22 year old model and the sordid details of that mess vs. honoring our veterans! Larry King should be ashamed! I’ve just checked out monumentsmen.com website and wow – what a terrific website! There is a lot more to this story than just this latest book! Such a large world that these social media’s are connecting us to. There is something new to be learned everyday!

  3. Allen Pedrolie says:

    Nice write up and great tribute. Its good to see you working on new things. Keep up the good work.

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