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Montel Williams: Matthew Sapaula to appear on Montel Across America Radio Show

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It is an honor and pleasure to be a guest on a show that is hosted by a man America admires so much, who is none other than Montel Williams.  Montel is passionate about his country, his issues, and his audience.  His daily program features unique insight on social, political, and economic issues along with information on health and wellness for his listeners. Montel Across America is often broadcast from cities across the country and around the world, as Montel seeks to get up close and personal with his listeners and the issues he features.

Click below to listen:

What is even more awesome about Montel is that he is former military…yes he is!  He began his career after enlisting in the US Marine Corps in 1974, and followed that with an appointment to the Naval Academy, where he studied Mandarin Chinese and developed a specialty in cryptology.  An accomplished author, Montel has published eight books to date, four of which were New York Times Bestsellers. His latest release Living Well Emotionally hit bookstores on January 6th, 2009 and has received critical acclaim.

For more about his radio show, visit his site here – Montel Across America

I was fired up about being on his show and having a conversation with Montel.  As I listened to the replay, I may have fumbled the words “borrower” and “buyer” a couple times so I APOLOGIZE in advance.  Just call me for more clarification (708.686.2000 x8), drop a comment below or email me,! It was just amazing to hear Montel say, “Thank you, Matthew Sapaula of Money Smart Radio, we definitely want you back!  You make it so easy to understand so many things that is so difficult for so many of us…” I was just fired up about speaking to such a respected man in our country, one that I have watched and listened to for many years.

Semper Fi Montel!

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  1. Zack Isaacs says:

    What up mane?!!!!

    Okay, I need start acting professional, ya dig?

    This interview really helped me to realize that you need to be a business reporter. I’m hiring. It’s an unpaid position for a TV show that doesn’t exist yet, but if you trust me…I can make millions off of you! Oops! Just kidding.

    Great interview. This was very informative.

  2. Chris Keller says:

    Matthew, Congratulations on this great interview with Montel Williams. You’re professionalism, knowledge and passion to assist others is of the highest level. Great job, keep up the good work and congratulations again!

    Chris and Heather Keller

  3. Brett Mills says:

    Great interview! Great information! Keep spreading the knowledge Matthew, more should listen.

    Add me to your list because I am officially a fan and will continue to listen. As a conservative minded Mortgage Brokers in San Diego we feel it’s wonderful that you’re addressing these issues.

    Brett & Zindi Mills
    Casa Financial Services, Inc
    Santee, CA

  4. @Zack, I appreciate that my man! Business reporter, eh? I’m not sure…but definitely like the “making millions of dollars” part!

    @Chris, glad to know someone else that is just as fired up and passionate about helping families! Keep up the good work yourself! Until next broadcast…

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