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PODCAST on Personal Finance: Is it that important to save my money, now?

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Probably one of the LAST things on people’s minds, especially heading into the the Holiday shopping season, is saving money.  However, this is a great time to take a step back and reflect on our money issues and personal finance habits.  Hopefully we have been able to see the ways we can stretch our dollars to make ends meet, balance our budget and checkbook and find out how our company 401(k) plan actually works.

The silver lining in this recession is that our nation has become more fiscally conscious and most are beginning to understand the errors of our “consumeristic” ways…hopefully.

If personal savings from each paycheck, commission, product sale or big payday was not on the top of your list of “to-dos” when you receive your cash, then hopefully this special, quick podcast may encourage you.


Where did it originate from?

Shortly after entering the financial planning industry after serving active duty in the United States Marine Corps,  I recognized really fast that I had a terrible “belief system” about money.  I thought the winner of the money game was all about who makes a bigger paycheck. After all, more money solves problems, right?  Well, not all the time.

My CEO at my first firm, gave me a personal development manifesto to begin changing the “poor man’s” mindset I had concerning money. It took some time to soak it in.  This podcast was taken from this 8×11 piece of paper I hung from my bathroom mirror and refrigerator…ten years later, here we are.

I hope you enjoy this quick, five-minute podcast.

P.S. If you find yourself saying, “OK, Matthew I get it! But how can I find the money and where can I put it where it is safe?” I will put you in contact with a Money Smart Coach for a free 30 minute review, so email us here: i[email protected] or call 708.686.2000 x1

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  1. lori branda says:

    Hey Matt!
    This comment is long over due. You really speak to me and inspire with every message. Whether it’s Da Bears or the Peas…I’m connected. I check your website daily now…it’s become habit! With my beloved “O” leaving, it’s projected the Chi will loose 10’s of millions in revenue annually (tourism/ hotels/ endorsements, etc). Chicago has matured as a world class city. You and your prospective is just what we need for the next level.
    Hmmmmm Matt, is it possible you’ll be the new BOOM BOOM POW?
    I think so…. Anyway, that’s my prediction.
    God Bless…….

  2. Lori! Thank you SO MUCH for those kind words! You have blessed me as well, as far as the BOOM, BOOM, POW…let’s do it girl! I receive your prediction…thanks for helping build the momentum!

    P.S. Let’s just hope our Bears catch on, eh?

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