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Funniest Halloween Costume I Ran Across – Pretty Timely Considering our Economy!

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As the old saying goes, “A picture tells a thousand words!”

I wonder if this girl can even spell, E-C-O-N-O-M-Y, yet…but D-E-B-T is much easier.  Sadly, this is the ugly truth of how we are setting up a lost, broken generation.  There is hope, there is a way out.  And it starts with us.

Before I go on, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all my friends on Facebook who have sent such kind words the last couple days, writing on my wall to wish me well on my birthday. Yes, I am a Halloween baby!

I am looking forward to a great year ahead, a MONSTER 2010.  God sure has made a way for many of us to see the GREATNESS He has in store for us!  I know it is tough, but let us all STAY ENCOURAGED!  Our BREAKTHROUGH is right around the corner…so let’s keep on keepin’ on!

God bless you guys…PEACE!

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