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Life HAPPENS! 5 Ways Life Insurance Helps You Stay Financially Prepared While Living

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It has been said that the only thing certain in life is taxes…and death.  If so, then let’s see how we can minimize the first (taxes) and maximize the later (LIFE!). One great mentor once told me this powerful quote by Henry David Thoreau, “Most men live a life of quiet desperation.”  That’s probably because they lack to vision to see ahead the potential obstacles that keep them from where they want to go!  We have to see more than just ourselves, but rather the legacy we create and leave behind.

Since the month of September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, led by the LIFE Foundation, we dedicate this week to helping bring awareness and financial planning strategies to help you stay ahead when “life happens”.  We’re taking a Life Insurance 101 journey throughout this week, coupled with real life situations that life insurance has showworkout3n it’s strength and “save the day” qualities, especially in a recessionary time.

Have you ever heard a relative get a heart attack?  A close friend suffer from a sudden stroke?  How about a friend get hurt on the job and cannot collect a paycheck for months because of circumstances beyond their control?  They may not die, but they end up financially devastated?  Which is worse?  Is there a way to avoid all this financial pain?

Planning for your family and their future is a moving, evolving target.  However, starting with the end in mind, you can stay ahead of financial tragedy by anticipating the moments in your life where you feel you may lose control.  After all, people aren’t afraid of dying anymore…they’re afraid of running out of money and lacking the finances to live the quality of life they want.

It’s time to talk about life insurance in Chicago on AM 850 – The Promise and Matthew Sapaula, Your Money Smart Guy, has an awesome week planned ahead.

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9.14.2009 “Isn’t life insurance just about DEATH?  Then I don’t want to talk about it…”, says some of our callers.  But what if I shared with you that there are strategies of using life insurance where you do not have to die to use it?  “Look at life insurance as a money factory”, says Ed Slott, CPA during a PBS special.  Therefore, we bring on during the Expert’s Corner, Matthew Sapaula interviews John W. Wheeler, CFP, CLU, ChFC and Executive Vice President of Mass Mutual, Watertown Financial Partners.  He shares with Matthew his 3 decades of experience helping clients apply some of the life insurance strategies when life happens…and they have been very happy!

9.15.2009 “How does life insurance help me in my everyday financial life?  It seems that the only way I use it, is when my family cashes in the check, money I will never use,” another caller says.  Did you ever look at life insurance as a way to transfer money tax-free, without Uncle Sam getting involved with his taxes?  What about using insurance to keep you out of the nursing home while getting quality health care and attention in your own home?  We’ll talk about these strategies plus, Walter Sheldon of Allstate in Glenview, will drop by and give us some of his thoughts.

9.16.2009 People today are not afraid of dying.  What they are afraid of…is living too long!  Have you ever looked at life insurance as a financial tool to help you never run out of consistent monthly income?  How about catching Professor Ed Graves of the American College, who teaches financial planning courses specifically in the areas of longevity and life insurance, shed some light on the subject?  The answers to tough questions may surprise you!  Plus, we have Erick Cerda of Platinum Mortgage answering questions from our blog in how he is helping his clients stay in their homes by offering to do loan modification services for FREE, until they get results! This is a special Money Smart “Hump Day” Radio show!

9.17.2009 YES WE CAN change the way you think of life insurance!  We’re sure to do that, especially after you hear why it is such a HUGE part of learning what to do with you personal financial planning.  Matthew Sapaula interviews, top insurance lawyer, Frank Darras.  He is an expert on disability, life and long-term care insurance who has returned more than $40 million to his clients every year.  How’s that for extra change in your pocket..but you have to tune in and listen to find out how!

9.18.2009 On Financial Freedom Friday, we tie things back together by helping you secure your future by learning what to do TODAY!  In the namesake of the theme for this week, Marvin Feldman, President and CEO of the Life Foundation shares the actionable steps to get your financial priorities in order.  The cost of insurance is less than you think and there are ways you do not have to dig deeper into your pocket to make sure you have things in order.

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Would you like to find out how to implement some of the life insurance strategies you have been listening to?  Would you like to find out ways to find safety in an uncertain economy?  Are you tired of losing your savings, your home equity or even your ability to work?  Need to do something about it?  Email us @ [email protected] and we’ll connect you with a Money Smart Coach in our national network of financial professionals.  There is NO cost for a 30 minute coaching session.


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