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Why Do We Defend How We Handle Our Money, Even When We’re Wrong?

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Throughout this week, we have 5 ideas that expand on these thoughts concerning planning for college, retirement planning, balancing what we hear in the media, giving to charitable causes and lastly, how to take the next steps to success.

8.17.2009 If you weGeanineTre doing something right, then later found out you were wrong, when would you want to know? If did know, would you really do something about it?  Where do we obtain our financial identity and what financial picture should we really have?  Are we setting up a next generation for success or failure? During the Expert’s Corner, “The College Guru” Geanine Thompson comes back to share “The Myth of a Well-Rounded Student”. And during Money Smart Questions and Answers, Matthew’s friend from Nashville, TN – Kendall Reed – drops by the studio to share some knowledge about what he is doing differently to help people within their retirement planning.

8.18.2009 What can we learn from “Cash for Clunkers”?  Does it expose our habits for more debt and consumerism?  Are you building towards your American Dream or American nightmare?  Rich Bennett, who spent 20 years trading bonds has some “inside” stories about his experience on Wall Street.  He is a regular fixture on Fox, Sirius/XM radio and a Yale graduate.  Also, Your Money Smart Guy – Matthew Sapaula answers questions from our blog and our Facebook fan page.


8.19.2009 How do you discern what you hear in the media, read in newspapers, watch on TV or even hear on radio?  After watching Bernie Madoff rip off over $60 billion dollars from his clients and institutional investors, how do you trust a financial advisor?  Hear straight from the top, CEO and President of the American College, Dr. Larry Barton as he discusses what you should look for when working with a financial professional in regards to your financial planning. Matthew Sapaula gets straight talk from Dr. Barton whose organization is a leader in financial services education.

8.20.2009 Times aretammy_trenta_7 tight, budgets have been reduced and there doesn’t seem much left.  But what if I told you that one of the BEST ways to get tax-deductions and tax-favored income is through giving?  You bet.  In fact, Uncle Sam gives you incentives to give your highly appreciated assets to non-profits and charitable organization for a good cause – YOUR INCOME!  In the Expert’s Corner, we have Certified Financial Planner, Tammy Trenta sharing with Your Money Smart Guy – Matthew Sapaula her know-how in the areas of charitable planning AND her experience on Donald Trump’s reality show, The Apprentice.  Tammy is also a very successful entrepreneur with a line of handbags.

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8.21.2009 Grab your seatbelt and hold the phone.  Do you want to get from the wow to the how?  The Money Smart Radio show is deeply honored to be visited by the powerful and life-changing, Dani Johnson!  Dani shares her testimony and how she went from a childhood of welfare to a millionaire by 23 years old. Also, she shares with Matthew Sapaula the biblical principles that have proven themselves over time to be true. Her life is story and impact is clearly evidenced by the multitude of testimonials she receives from clients earning 6 and 7-figure incomes due to her training. You go Dani Johnson! Get ya’ popcorn ready for Financial Freedom Friday!

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