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Why Even Celebrities Fail Financially and What You Can Learn from Them

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Not only where the deaths of iconic celebrities shocking enough, but the way they handled their finances may baffle some even more.  It is easy to presume that once you hear news of them signing multi-million dollar contracts, endorsements and sponsorship, that they are set for life. You watch them share their “bling-bling” lifestyle on Cribs, pimpin’ designer fashion, gracing the covers of major magazines, leanin’ back in their Cadillac Escalade while rollin’ on 24″ Dubs, partying like the Rockstars they are.

Everything should be in order, right?  For most, far from it…so what can you learn?

Matthew Sapaula also reviews the estate of Michael Jackson and how he handled the cash from a lifetime of stardom.  Where there gaps and holes even in his bank account?  Even with a team of top managers, advisors and counselors that money can buy, the answer may surprise you.

We’ve lined up a week full of celebrities who have taken the next step and learned to transcend their success to the business world.

Plus, your Money Smart Guy brings onto the show his personal family and estate planning attorney, Maritess Bott, to help answer deeper legal issues.

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