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4 Insights to Keep You Ahead of Financial Disaster

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With our country being affected by so many factors, how do we keep the integrity of our financial home intact?  It seems as if the financial system on which we have been led to believe has buckled and crumbled beneath us.  All the traditional forms of savings and earning a living have shown their weakness.  Can you still do something about it?  Absolutely.

Some of the ideas we’ll be discussing this week are about the “401(k) Fallout” – this is NOT the only way to SAVE.  Plus, there is something we are doing as homeowners by sending extra payments to our mortgage thinking that it is the right thing to do.  In fact, a report released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago says doing this is costing American homeowners $1.5 Billion per year!  Also, this economy provides the perfect times for collaboration, joint ventures and partnering with other people or companies.  But how do you find the right relationships to build your dreams? Plus how do you work with a financial planner?  Lastly, what you take for granted…your daily life’s experiences, dos and don’ts of life can actually be profitable!  Find out how to create a profitable passion…LET FREEDOM RING!


401(k) Fallout! Heads up…this is NOT the only way to SAVE for your retirement! Tune in to find out on Money Myth-Buster Mondays , new paths to discover in how you can maintain a solid savings discipline, in light of your fear in opening your company’s 401(k) plan statements.    In the Expert’s Corner, Stephanie Hancock, CFP(r) Certified Financial Planner Practitioner and President of College Aid Consulting of Beverly Hills, CA helps our listeners discover alternatives and options they may have overlooked.

Are you making some of these mistakes? Need some help to implement some of these strategies?  Email us and we can put you in connection with a financial professional that can walk you through the process, [email protected]

Have you been sending extra payments to your mortgage company, thinking that it is best for you to go ahead and pay off your mortgage early? You’ve been told to get rid of debt first, then save?  Has the current economy “demonized” your mortgage and you just want to get rid of it?  You’ve been told that the best mortgage is no mortgage?  I bet you thought in your head that you may be more secure by having your house paid off, rather than tuck that money away in a retirement account.  Have you actually done the math to prove your logic?  If not, an extremely special treat to Money Smart Radio listeners – Financial Economist of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and author of the report “The Tradeoff Between Mortgage Pre-Payments and Tax-Deferred Retirement Savings”, Gene Amromin stops by Money Smart Radio!  Matthew Sapaula asks Gene the questions that you’ve had in your head and have left on our blog, Facebook pages and Twitter messages concerning this heated topic.  Get your answer once and for all and start building true wealth (an especially important topic for homeowners and real estate investors!)

Would you like a review in how to best apply those extra mortgage payments to your retirement or college plan?  We have a financial strategists in our network that can do just that, email us [email protected] for a free customized analysis, review and Gene Amromin’s “The Tradeoff Between Mortgage Pre-Payments and Tax-Deferred Retirement Savings” publication!


OK, so you know you need to get your plan rolling.  But how do you put your team of advisors around you to build your dreams?  Do you know how to work with a financial planner without being intimidated and make the most from your time with them?   Are you in fear of working with a financial professional because of the Bernie Madoff scandal?  Well, allow us to help you change your perception to the advisor that are doing an AWESOME job for their clients! Plus, in the Expert’s Corner, financial services veteran and consultant to financial professionals, Brett Kitchen, shares his tips on how to find, work and maintain an on-going relationship with a financial planner. Sure, you can probably manage your finances on your own.  But in the words of the famous NCAA basketball multi-championship coach of UCLA, John Wooden, “If you want to go fast, go by yourself. But if you want to go FAR, go with a team”!

AND…Laura Berman Fortgang, internationally-recognized pioneer of life coaching and author of The Little Book on Meaning visits Money Smart Radio.  During the Money Smart Questions and Money Smart Answers segment she brings her energy, wisdom and answers the question, “Why invest in working with a coach?”


On Financial Freedom Fridays, we bring you ideas on just not managing your means…but expanding your means!  Find out how to create another stream of income by taking what you have experienced, the life stories you have stored and knowledge you have obtained in becoming an author!  Ruddy Ortiz told me once, “What you take for granted is someone else’s treasure”! That’s profound!!  Plus, as a writer for the N’Terprise column for N’Digo Magapaper, I have a deep passion and interest in the written word.  This is the first step in becoming an “infoprenuer”!  Would you like to find out how to crank out a book in 17 days?  We have the author of the Goal Digger, Alicia Dunams and president of AuthorPrenuer, Inc sharing why and how you can do this!  She will give tips on how to establish the book writing process AND have a marketing plan to follow.

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