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Have You Had a Book Stuck in Your Head?

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Don’t let the economy slow you down, in FACT, more people need you more than ever!

My father always told me that NO ONE, can ever take away your education, your intelligence, your integrity or your experiences.  In fact, it is the lessons we learn in life that become invaluable to others.  Even King Solomon states in Ecclesiastes that “The words of the wise are like cattle prods-painful but helpful. Their collected sayings are like a nail-studded stick with which a shepherd drives the sheep.” I know sometimes we are stubborn but I hope we have all begun to see the upside to our downside, to the see the opportunities within our problems

Zondra Hughes, editor of N’Digo Magapaper and author of the Mood Lounge and Ritz Harper Goes to Hollywood was on Money Smart Radio a few weeks ago and stated that , “Everyone has a book inside of them”. I have to agree.

You have been through certain experiences in life that is not only meant to teach you new things and bring forth experiences, but rather to bless the lives of others.  You not having the confidence to share YOUR story is actually robbing someone of their own future, which indirectly affects you.

Life has a funny way of giving to the givers, taking from the takers…and has a very accurate accounting system.

Therefore, allow me set a humble example by extending to you an invitation to help cultivate and motivate this process and get your creative juices flowing.  I know it is last minute, but I was just emailed this special offer just now.  Since I am a writer for N’Digo, I was given THREE FREE PASSES to a special event THIS Thursday night, July 16th, 2009.

Karen Hunter of Karen Hunter Media, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist with multiple books that have hit the charts as NY Times best sellers,  will be helping host a special writer’s workshop.  Plus you will be able to network with people of like mind, goal and purpose…to learn how to be of better service to others by sharing their story with the world.  I personally look forward to meeting many new faces and shaking hands with the rising generation of leaders in our country.

Success is all about putting yourself in the right place where preparation meets opportunity.

Therefore, I am extending another TWO free passes to this event, worth $99 but invaluable to your future, especially with the knowledge you will be gaining and people you will be surrounded with.

I already received confirmation that one of my passes is already taken by my friend, Jeff Sanders, a former #1 draft pick of the Chicago Bulls who is looking to write a book to help young, professional athletes gain an edge on life AFTER their playing days are over.

Here’s how you can claim the last TWO tickets I have:

1) Must join the Money Smart Radio Facebook Fan Page and or, if you don’t have Facebook, drop a message on this blog post and answer this question, “Why should you receive a free pass to this event”?

2) Post our fan page or this blog post on YOUR blog or YOUR Facebook profile and send me a message to check it.

Once you do the simple, TWO steps above, not only will I give you a FREE PASS, but I will have you as a guest on my Chicago-based AM radio show to talk about your ideas about writing a book and potentially earning another form of income, because of it.

PLUS, I will also give you the number to my book coach who can help you market your book with her “17 Day Book Challenge”.

Well, I look forward to seeing you this Thursday.  Success is also knowing what to prioritize and where you need to be so I hope to see you there.

Alhambra Palace 1240 W. Randolph, Chicago, IL

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  1. Dawgelene Sangster says:


    I am interested in one of the free passes for the event tomorrow. Are there anymore available?

    Warm Regards

  2. Dear Smart Guy;

    Thank you for extending such an awesome opportunity for additional growth, knowledge and wisdom. I defiantly want to be a part of this rich experience. As an product from an entrepreneurial home, I witnessed the ups and downs in starting a business . Now that my family’s business is flourishing by leaps and bounds, I want to advise other small businesses the do’s and don’ts of small business start-up, growth and how to handle record breaking results! All of this, I know, is obtained by establishing a strong foundation. A ton of small businesses fail within the first 0-3 years. The bible clearly teaches that without a vision, we parish. I want to write/teach potential business owners about building a strong foundation with knowledge and integrity. Knowledge is power and power is key and the key opens up doors to endless possibilities…

    Hoping to be considered for Karen Hunters writer’s workshop. I am a Money Smart Radio fan on facebook and have placed the blog in my profile.

    Many Thanks,

    Senese Hamilton

  3. Money Smart Guy,

    We look forward to seeing you and your listeners on tomorrow. As it turns out, the publisher is a FAN of yours.
    Keep up the good work for the masses.
    Zondra Hughes

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