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Don’t Just Survive…but THRIVE Week June 8th-12th, 2009

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Don’t Just Survive…but THRIVE During These Times! Tune in how…

6.8.2008 Kickoff another great week with Money Myth Buster Mondays! Get a grip with your fears or confusion as Matthew Sapaula discuss 3 Steps to Keep Your Dream Alive! Plus, Chicago’s very own Thomas L. McLeary, CLU and President of Endow, Inc. gives the main reason why some clients have not lost sight of their financial future within this recession.  As a special treat, Facebook friend Curtis Luckett says hello to Money Smart Radio and gives his story on how he’s overcome the economic storms in his life.

6.9.2009 It is time to expose why a confused mind cannot make a decision and how you can find clarity within all the drama you hear. Then, Matthew Sapaula chats with Craig Hyldahl, CFP, CDFA, of R.I.C.H. Planning Group, LLC in NJ as he relates what he has coached his clients through to obtain fiscal confidence in over 26 years in the financial services industry. Also, another Facebook friend, personal development coach CJ Small, brings his blessings to Money Smart Radio as he shares how to get from wow, how and…NOW!

6.10.2009 Not any advisor can help you. In a rapidly changing economy and changing demographics, are you keeping ahead of the game? Is the existing help and guidance you are getting right now helping you stay clear of today’s economic pitfalls? Today’s advisor needs continuing and specialized skills to help you now and in the future. It takes a TEAM to build a DREAM! But what should you expect from your financial, legal and tax advisors? What questions should you ask? Find out how you can interview and build the team you only read about.

6.11.2009 Not sure how to salvage what you have left in your retirement accounts? Find out how you can keep more of what you have and position yourself NEVER to lose another penny in the future ahead. Former US Marine and now Chartered Senior Financial Planner in California, Ryan Pinney of The Pro Advisor articulates specific financial strategies that keep you ahead of the economy AND Uncle Sam’s income taxes!

6.12.2009 Clients, listeners and students all across the country with varying financial net worth have answered a specific question we ask, the same way. Are you advisors helping you with the least most important aspect of your life even if they are well intentioned? How do you achieve of life of balance and happiness? Family First Entreprenuer and author of ONO: Options Not Obligations, Marc Warnke, drops by to give his tips on how you can always put your family, finances, faith and future…in order.

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