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You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know! June 2nd-5th, 2009

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You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know Week!

6.2.2009 Your Money Smart Guy – Matthew Sapaula kicks off Money-Myth Buster Mondays exposing how IRAs and 401(k)s are proving NOT to be best for a secure retirement! It’s a GOOD plan, but in a potentially rising income tax environment, do you know the “rest of the story”? Plus, Terry Riely, CWPP, CAPP of Secure Solutions in San Antonio, TX checks in to help dispel financial myths that have left many retirees exposed and upset upon retirement, even though they followed the traditional rules they thought were right.

6.3.2009 Can one make the right choices by themselves without waiting on the US government? Could you use an idea for your own personal stimulus package that won’t cost America $3.6 trillion? Be part of the solution and not the problem! And guest, friend and personal financial literacy advocate, Braun Mincher, shares his personal story on how he went from ZERO to HERO, by taking action on educating himself on how money works.

6.4.2009 Many people have lost their whole entire financial nest egg of real estate equity AND retirement account values during this recession. Then why have some NOT LOST A DIME? Also, Samuel N. Asare MBA,CRPC,CMFC and Senior Financial Strategist of Laser Financial Group, LLC from Maryland, MD edifies the truth about how you can take back control and stop the bleeding!

6.5.2009 On Financial Freedom Friday, Matthew discusses a conversation with his mentor, NY Times best selling author, Douglas Andrew on how he has challenged his kids to save for retirement by leveraging LIFE! His strategy helps his kids develop an immediate estate and TAX-FREE wealth. In addition, Jack Dolan, Vice President for the American Council of Life Insurers shares important details on one of the strongest industries in the world…and how it is helping people secure their financial future TODAY!

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