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FIND ME the MONEY! June 15th-19th, 2009

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FIND ME the MONEY Week! (Broadcasting from the Outer Banks, North Carolina!!)

6.15.2009 While the financial services industry takes a hit, middle-income America continues to struggle. Matthew reviews throughout this week the 6 causes that keep us from breaking free from financial struggle. Where can you find the money to invest if you are living paycheck to paycheck? How about in your insurance policies? Did you realize that MOST people OVERPAY for insurance? Mark Havlic of Allstate visits with us from his office in Vernon Hills, IL on the misconceptions people have in working with their agent that is costing them unnecessary dollars for insurance which could otherwise be invested.

6.16.2009 Could it be that you are overlooking money from your paycheck to paycheck? Are you really maximizing what you are making? Todd Dean , founder of Dean Global Group and author of the #1 International Bestseller More Money Than Month: Stop Stressing Over Your Finances and Take Control of Your Life address how to turn your finances around. Stop making everyone else rich, take a stand and make yourself rich! And one of our personal friends, Chicago’s N’Digo Magapaper editor and author of the Mood Lounge and Ritz Harper Goes to Hollywood, Zondra Hughes, gives her story on how she was able to become a published writer while still working full-time.

6.17.2009 What about the hidden dollars that are in biggest check you write each month? Could it be that your mortgage is building more equity for the bank, than for you? Tommy Weber, founder of New York-based Northern Security Capital Corp shares what he has advised his mortgage clients for over 20 years to successful financial security and liquidity. Does it make sense to negotiate a modification of your mortgage? Refinance? Find out now!

6.18.2009 We all know cash is king. Those who have cash now can take advantage of the massive opportunities in any economic downturn. Where is one of the BEST financial instruments you can use to keep this cash if the banks, credit unions or stock market investments are not panning out? How about learning how to be YOUR OWN BANKER and WIN the BANKER’S GAME? Plus, esteemed guest Professor Edward E. Graves, MA, CLU®, ChFC®, of The American College talks with Matthew Sapaula about what most middle-class Americans are missing out on and why they never reach the level of financial security they could have by not utilizing modern life insurance policies for its living benefits.

6.19.2009 OK…you’ve lost your job or graduated from college and can’t find a job. No one is hiring. One of the biggest enemies to your financial plan is LOSS of income. During Financial Freedom Fridays, we discuss how you can take back control while working OR if you’ve lost employment. How difficult is it to begin an entrepreneurial venture? Patricia Thompson, member of the AICPA’s Tax Executive Committee & CPA at Piccerelli, Gilstein and Co. in Providence, RI shares with Matthew Sapaula the tax benefits of going into business for yourself.

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