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Dani Johnson is an internationally sought after speaker, best-selling author, success coach, financial and relationship marketing expert and founder of Call To Freedom Int’l, a personal achievement and corporate training company.

Dani knows first hand what it takes to overcome adversity and succeed in life. She went from growing up in an abusive, drug afflicted home to striking it out on her own in business at the early age of 19, only to wind up destitute and homeless living out of her car with $2.03 to her name. Then something changed.

She went on to earn her first million in just two years by the age of 23, starting several successful companies and businesses. Since then she’s committed her life to sharing with others her proven success system, empowering and equipping others with the knowledge and skill to achieve the impossible.

So what is Dani’s secret to success? And more importantly, can you discover this secret and use it to transform your life, explode your career, and skyrocket your income? The answer is YES, you can, and it’s easier than you think.

Dani coaches, consults, and mentors people from all walks of life, from multi-millionaire executives to people struggling to just get by, in personal achievement, career advancement, conflict resolution, business growth, leadership development, teamwork, confidence building, overcoming fear, spiritual issues, parenting and grooming kids for success, marketing solutions, executive decision making, profit strategies, relationship marketing, time management, debt elimination, and wealth attainment. All that matters is that the person is teachable, hungry with desire, and willing to learn. As Dani says, “I’ll equip you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams… if you let me.”

Dani’s proven strategies equip her clients with the skill sets that land them the best jobs, get the biggest raises, grow companies in a down economy, raise success minded children, and so much more. Thousands have traveled from all parts of the world to attend her live training seminars. Men and women from ages 7 to 101, every race, religion, economical status, educated, uneducated, experts, beginners and everything in between gather to learn from this dynamic, thought provoking speaker who produces results with her clients.

Dani has been seen on TV by millions of viewers the world over through her numerous appearances on worldwide television networks including CNBC, TBN, Daystar and PAX.

Dani is passionately dedicated to her husband Hans, 5 kids and 2 grandchildren. She and her husband Hans are the founders of King’s Ransom Foundation, a non-profit charity dedicated to serving people in need, especially families and children, worldwide. Dani and Hans believe strongly in the need for successful people to give back to local communities and charitable organizations that are doing God’s work all over the world.

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  1. Roberto says:

    cool blog

  2. greg morris says:

    thank you for your advice.. and i cant wait for my book to get in grooming for success

  3. Heerhold says:

    Another great radio show featuring Dani Johnson. Thanks Matthew.

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