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Money Smart Radio Summary May 4th-7th, 2009

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Money Smart Radio – Weekly Summary May 4th-7th, 2009


No health insurance? Do you need care for your family but can’t afford it? Dr. Douros of the No Insurance Club in Hinsdale, IL stops by and chats with Matthew Sapaula about the options available to the common middle American.


Getting Laid Off? What now? Four options you have with your 401(k) and how to avoid losing money to Uncle Sam. During Ask the Experts, Matthew Sapaula explores alternatives with Jon L. Ten Haagen, Certified Financial Planner and RPC, as he visits Money Smart Radio with insights on what he has done for his clients since 1977.


Financial Myth Buster: What are you missing with your retirement plan with all the rules that are changing? How What is the best way to handle the remaining home equity that is still available? Plus, Matthew Sapaula interviews James Barath, a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist from Benchmark Mortgage to provide insights in how he is assisting his clients.


Credit Got You Down? What it really costs you and how to get back on the good foot! Since we can’t escape this credit driven society, how can borrowing money be good? Merrill Chandler of Echelon Credit Advisors stops by to give you tips on how to optimize your credit.

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